Month: July 2012

Les Miserables Movie

This December, Les Miserables — commonly referred to as Les Mis, is coming back to the big screen.  There are been twelve movie versions in the past (Jim

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Sermon Insights

How Do I Know?

One question I have been asked several times since we started the series on spiritual warfare is: How can I tell if I am experiencing demonic influence or oppression? 

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Life Together

Armor of God

We must not confide in the armor of God, but in the God of this armor, because all our weapons are only mighty through God.

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Our trip to England was great and Jim got a lot done.  If you have any doubts, see his post from Sunday. But, it was much

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One of the absolute best things about traveling is making new acquaintances. In Cambridge, we had the most delightful tea with Sir Fred and Lady Elizabeth

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Study Break 2012

As I mentioned this morning, our family recently returned from my study break.  In this post, I want to share a few more things about our experience than

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