Passage to the House of Power Available Now

We have exciting news to share. After a long, long journey, Passage to the House of Power, the first book in the Scroll of Remembrance series is finally available!

From Jim:

As we celebrate the release of this new book, I want to give glory to God because he walked with me each step of the way, through all the high and lows, and in all the twists and turns. The purpose for this series is to teach people his truth and explain his ways in what I hope is a memorable, entertaining and engaging format.

The greatest challenge of the whole process was trying to write a book the way God was leading as opposed to my own way. There were so many temptations in this process: to write what I wanted to write, or to have the story move in the direction that I wanted it to go, or to try to control the publishing process. But through it all, the greatest challenge has become the greatest blessing—to be able to journey with the Lord. After all, God’s guidance on the journey of life is one of the main themes of the book!

My hope and prayer is that the Lord would use this book to bless and encourage others. If you would like to read the book or know someone that might be encouraged by it, both the print copy and the e-book are available on Amazon. If you go to the book’s website, the first chapter is also available for free.

May God continue to walk with us as we journey into a new year full of challenges and unknowns,



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