God Told Me

Have you ever wanted to ask God for direction in your life, whether seemingly monumental decisions or the smaller decisions you face on a regular basis? If you are like most Christians, the answer “Of course!” is usually followed by “How?”

God Told Meexplores biblical guidelines for how Christians can actively listen for God’s voice to lead them from the trivial to the life-changing.

In Part One, Jim provides insights into four overarching questions usually associated with seeking God’s guidance:

  1. What is Guidance from God?
  2. Why Listen for Guidance from God?
  3. How Does God Speak to Us?
  4. How Do We Distinguish God’s Voice?

Part Two explores specific ways God speaks to believers and practical suggestions for how to actively listen for his voice.

If you have ever wanted to ask God for guidance, God Told Me is a great resource to help you discern his direction for the decisions you face today.

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