Rewire is a six-session series that explores what it means for Christians to live faithfully in a technological world.


Technology is an inescapable part of our lives.  Although technology has always been part of human history, the current rapid increase of the availability of technology in the developed world is creating new challenges.  However, God knew about these developments along ago and I believe that the Bible has a lot to say about technology.

Each video teaching session is approximately 45-55 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • Session One:  Defining Technology and Understanding Five Technology Principles
  • Session Two:  Digging Deeper into the Principle that Technology is Inherently Dangerous
  • Session Three:  Implications From the Most Important Technology Story in the Bible
  • Session Four:  Five Ways Technology Affects Us
  • Session Five:  Biblical Solutions to Live Faithfully in a Technological World

A downloaded workbook provides notes for listeners to complete during the teaching and discussion questions for use afterward for personal reflection or as part of a small group discussion.  In addition to these tools, the workbook includes a “Parent Corner” and “#TechTalk” sections each week. At the end of the workbook is a resource section with additional tools such as books and helpful websites.

Videos and supporting materials are available here.

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