Shades of Light and Remember Me

My friend, Sharon Garlough Brown, released two related books in the past few months that I am delighted to recommend, especially as we prepare to enter the Lenten season.  Once again, she uses her unique gift for weaving deep spiritual truths into engaging fiction.

The first book, Shades of Light, introduces readers to Wren Crawford, a social worker struggling with anxiety and depression. Her aunt, Katherine Rhodes, a spiritual director at the New Hope Retreat Center, must confront pain and loss from her past as she walks alongside Wren. If you or a loved one has battled with similar mental health struggles, this book is a window into the pain of depression but also the hope the gospel provides to guide us to peace.

The second, Remember Me, is a companion novella.  In addition to a brief recap of Wren and Katherine’s story, Remember Me includes a devotional guide based on beautiful artwork associated with themes of the two books. It would be a valuable resource in the weeks leading up to Easter, especially if you find engaging with art to help you reflect on biblical passages.


All is well,



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