Delight in the Book

One unique aspect of writing for Our Daily Bread is that the process from submission to publication is at least one year, which means the devotionals I am currently writing won’t appear until April 2021 at the earliest. So, today’s devotional was written long before the current outbreak of COVID-19. The process is possible because God’s truth is timeless and is always speaking into our lives and circumstances. The devotional reminds me that especially in these times, I need to immerse myself in God’s word and take comfort from it instead of all the other sources of information that can produce fear and anxiety.

I also had the opportunity in fall 2019 to meet one of the women who translates Our Daily Bread.  She graciously shared with me a copy of today’s devotional in traditional Chinese (including my Chinese name) which you can download below. Please pray for China that Christians would be agents of peace and grace as their country struggles to control the outbreak.

All is well,




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